Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas List: Are You Nuts! Edition

I could say that I don't want anything for Christmas, but I'd be a big fat LIAR!! It has become a tradition for me to post my Christmas Wish List on my blog and for my witty dad to come in and leave a very funny comment. Check back next week to see what he says. Let's hope he doesn't let us down! lol!!

1. Ikea Billy Bookshelves...and I want my living room to look just like this so whatever else I need! Oh, oh...and someone to redo the, love, love the white floor!

photo source: UK Home Ideas

2. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 13 1/4 Quart Round French Oven. I've only asked for this for 5 years now..sheesh. I'll take any color EXCEPT cream or black...3. Circus Cart Popcorn Maker. Come on, who doesn't want one of these??
4. A Big Honkin' TV to mount on the wall...from Crutchfield where my friend Brian Yarosh works...when you buy me a tv go there and order from him so he gets the commission. Yes, I just advertised for Crutchfield for FREE...there was a day when I was paid to advertise on my blog, but that's another post...

5. An Outdoor Pizza Oven and Pergola...Pizza for everyone!

6. Work station/Treadmill....duh.

7. I think I'll end this year's list with the Holiday Home on Scrub Island, B.V.I....only $4,200,000!!! Isn't that infinity edge pool the best?!

Have at it, Dad!!


Sarah said...

Oh my word...if you get all of that stuff for Christmas forget about my Mexican themed dinner I'm coming to your house to use your gifts. That treadmill thing was pretty cool...that is what I call multi-tasking! Plus I will need to borrow that popcorn maker thing lol. I can't wait to see what your dad pressure or anything!

Sarah :-)

Sonya said...

Seriously, I want the Ikea bookshelves and a room in my house to look like that...only with more pink in the room. No white floors....wood will do. For anyone who wants to make that happen, email me and I'll send you my address. LOL!

The pizza oven and pergola are the coolest idea on the list. Would love to have that!

Sonya said...

And come on Jenny's dad! Buy her the stinking yellow pot she's begged for over the past five years! Don't you know she can't cook without that yellow pot! Sheesh!

Sonya said...

Seriously dad, all she ever feeds me when I come over are pizza rolls or hard biscuits!