Sunday, June 30, 2013

#99 Soap Making with Belle

So, we headed out Saturday to gather up soap making supplies.  Ended up spending a lot of money.  Played around with what we had available to us locally.  We both decided that we enjoyed the process but would like to try higher quality bases, colorants, smells, etc.  We started with the Melt and Pour process.  I would like to make some embedded soaps using clear glycerin.  Belle's still considering what she will try next.

Goat's Milk Glycerin and Shea Butter Glycerin

Desk drawer divider which I broke trying to get soaps out.  I've added this to my shopping list. 

We were disappointed in the liquid colorant.  

I didn't have enough base to make a loaf of soap, but I did have enough to make fudge-like soap, sigh.  And an ombre egg....

Belle did a lot of layering.  Her soaps turned out great!

This was my favorite layered soap.

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