Monday, October 21, 2013

Catch Up Post

I've been super busy and honestly forgot that I was even trying to post here.  So, here's a quick update on life and my Project 99:

First and foremost...I have completed a goal!!  # 23-- Donate blood!  And here's the proof...

#81  BEST Nurse Program--ditching this goal because I think the effort I have to put into this is crazy.  May possibly check it out at a later date, but as of's being replaced by another goal yet to be determined.

#91  Take a MOOC -- Just finishing up "Data Management for Clinical Research" at Coursera.  Last week started another course:  "Epidemics".    I'm addicted.

#1  Changed cookbooks because the one I was using was no longer inspiring.  I switched to one of the Biggest Loser cookbooks--have no idea which one it is but I made "Loser Fish Tacos" with "Orange Cilantro Coleslaw"...yummy, yummy!

 #35  Read 125 books -- Just checked this out on my kindle:

Need to recheck this out.  (I want this book for Christmas..hint, hint)

Need to recheck this one out too.  

Joined other ladies in the latest (in)courage Bloom book club . We'll be reading "A Million Little Ways" by Emily Freemen.

And then there's this stuff:

Jack finally decided the Diva Dog Bed was ok...

Belle made me a TARDIS cake for my birthday.  The center did not get done so she filled it with icing!

Pinkie Pie aka Bella Donna (named by a patient's mom) holding down the Beta Blocker cheat sheet because she cares. 

Belle and I folded a bazillion neon cootie catchers for an 80's party.

Done for now.