Friday, August 29, 2008

Jan Hus is a Chipmunk!

Me: Belle, can you tell me something you remember about Jan Hus?

Belle: Yes!! I know he was a chipmunk!!

This was part of a conversation we had after discussing Jan Hus who was a priest, writer and MONK. Seriously, I need to not assume so much when teaching! lol!!

All this talk reminds me of one of my favorite videos: Dramatic Chipmunk!! I need to video tape Jake reenacting this...he's hilariously perfect! I don't think this is a chipmunk it?? Nope...this is a chipmunk. Regardless, it slays me on many different levels!!

30 Books in 30 Days!

Yowsie! I saw this button over at Tara's and I just had to click it...30 books in 30 days is VERY enticing! lol!!

Starting September 1st, Deena, from A Peek At My Bookshelf, is hosting a fantastic month-long book giveaway!! Seriously, folks, don't you think Deena is one of the most generous people around?? I mean really, that's a lot of books to give away!! I can't wait to visit her blog daily to see what she is giving away...very, very neat giveaway! Thanks Deena!!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Butter

My mom has told me that my grandmother used to call students, School Butter. I have always called my kids "school butter" when they start back to school...I've even called Pete "School Butter". It never dawned on me to actually look this phrase up until just now and this is what I found:

School Butter means whipping or cobbing!! Sheesh...that's just not pretty, ya know??

Anyway...what I'm getting around to is that all of us here in the Doriot household are officially back in school. Pete has started his last semester of nursing school, I am taking two online classes in preparation to start nursing school and all three kids have been slaving away at all the lessons I've planned for them. We plan on slowing down on December 14th...if we can make it! Sheesh....I'm exhausted...