Tuesday, August 26, 2008

School Butter

My mom has told me that my grandmother used to call students, School Butter. I have always called my kids "school butter" when they start back to school...I've even called Pete "School Butter". It never dawned on me to actually look this phrase up until just now and this is what I found:

School Butter means whipping or cobbing!! Sheesh...that's just not pretty, ya know??

Anyway...what I'm getting around to is that all of us here in the Doriot household are officially back in school. Pete has started his last semester of nursing school, I am taking two online classes in preparation to start nursing school and all three kids have been slaving away at all the lessons I've planned for them. We plan on slowing down on December 14th...if we can make it! Sheesh....I'm exhausted...


Sarah said...

Hey you!

I was really wondering what was going on. I thought may be you put up ads all over it and skipped on the blog but then I was like...why would she do that. Yeah, someone sure snagged up your domain fast! Probably because your traffic was killer. Btw, I LOVE LOVE your profile layout. I need to find a better one but wordpress doesn't have anything that fits my fancy yet.

I am going to change your link on my blog to your new one. Sounds like school is going good. Oh my that endocrine system is BOoOoring! Pete is so lucky this is his last semester. I wish I would have got into his program or did night/weekends because they get to graduate at that time too. I will be visiting your blog, usually daily lol. Now get on with your bad self, School butter ;-) LOL. I like the word school butter!

Sarah =o)

Nodin's Nest said...

Hi there, glad your back. Love the colors on this blog. Thanks so much for the link, I added you to my blogroll as well. Sorry about your domain name though :(

Kristie said...

Yea! I found you! The new place looks great! Sounds like you guys are gonna be pretty busy for the next couple of months. Us too. But that's just how it is when school starts back huh?

Hoping you have a blessed week in the Lord