Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Heart Birds...Kinda

Belle and I have been learning about birds using this book. I am starting to think that I really like birds...as long as they are not flapping around my head. Ack!! Well...and the fact that they eat worms could cause a change of heart...ack again!

Today we learned specifically about the feather...the shaft, quill, vanes, barbs and barbules. I think it's incredibly neat how God created the barbs to "zip" and "unzip"...it's really mind-boggling how He created all of these things, isn't it?

Here are some neat videos we've come across:

photo credit

Click HERE to see the neatest lyrebird video ever! It's a recording that was captured for the BBC Wildlife documentary "The Life of Birds"...very neat!!

Belle's little cheer to go along with the video: "Dance, dance, dance, dance(say this as long as they are dancing)....check your pit--Whoo!!" I just about spewed Sprite everywhere when she said that!! By the way, these are albatrosses doing their courting dance. Again...quite neat! lol!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I Heart Doodlebug Designs!

Judi pimped my blog!!! I love, love, love this Christmas theme...seriously, Judi does the absolute best designs and I'm not just saying that because she is one of my most favorite people here on this ol' earth! She's a gooder...now, go check out her gallery!!

A Junkie Graduates

Pete was asked to give the Responder Speech at the pinning ceremony on December 12th. I was, and still am, very proud of him and the speech he gave. I'm also very impressed because I could never, ever have stood before a huge amount of people and given a speech....but, then again, we're talking about Pete here and he's good at everything!

Pete was part of the Platform Party. He arrived late to the platform because he had "lined up" with the wrong group of "staff". lol!!

The following is his speech:

Dean, on the behalf of the BSN students class of 2008, we accept your charge. We also want to take a few minutes to welcome and thank our families. Their sacrifices have been as critical to our success as our own hard work. As I was thinking over what to say today I came upon a verse from 2 Kings 6:16: "Don't be afraid" the prophet answered. "Those who are with us are more than those who are with them." I feel that this really speaks to this class. There have been no obstacles that we as a class have not been able to overcome. It has never been about only personal achievement. This class has been about helping one another, making sure all got through and moved forward. Whether we were in clinical or class, someone was always willing to help with whatever was needed. We all choose to be nurses for different reasons. I choose this career because I became a junkie...a junkie for witnessing the miraculous. I could find no where better to be than bedside to get my fix. I believe that there is an underlying reason that is there for all of us. We want to be the one to make a difference, to leave an impact on lives that we touch. I am reminded of the man walking on the beach who turns the bend to see thousands of starfish washed up on the shore. One man is there picking up the starfish one at a time and returning them to the ocean. The first man says, "You can't save them all , it's not making a difference" The second man answers as he puts one starfish back, " I made a difference to that one." As we enter the next stage of our lives I want all of us to be able to keep that thought, that attitude, and make a difference to at least one every time. Now though is a time for congratulations and celebration. We made it!

Pete was pinned by one of his favorite teachers, Audrey Greenwell.

Getting his diploma and a "God bless you, Pete." from Dr. Stanton

After graduation with the Goofy Grinner!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Liver Beans, Anyone?

Thanks to Cris DeRaud for this incredibly cool bean photo!!

Jake: What are we going to eat for a snack, Mom? You said we could have a snack...

Belle slips away to the kitchen and starts looking through the cabinet.

Belle: Uh, who want's Ramen Noodles? Who want's four bean salad...wait, wait!! How about liver beans? Who wants liver beans???

Jake: uh...ewww.

Liver beans = kidney beans!

Belle decided to fix everyone toast with Honey Nut cream cheese...Jake didn't like it...which made Belle mad...bedlam broke forth...and everyone was sent to bed early. Seriously, maybe we should have had those liver beans, sheesh....

Christmas List: Are You Nuts! Edition

I could say that I don't want anything for Christmas, but I'd be a big fat LIAR!! It has become a tradition for me to post my Christmas Wish List on my blog and for my witty dad to come in and leave a very funny comment. Check back next week to see what he says. Let's hope he doesn't let us down! lol!!

1. Ikea Billy Bookshelves...and I want my living room to look just like this so whatever else I need! Oh, oh...and someone to redo the floors...love, love, love the white floor!

photo source: UK Home Ideas

2. Le Creuset Enameled Cast-Iron 13 1/4 Quart Round French Oven. I've only asked for this for 5 years now..sheesh. I'll take any color EXCEPT cream or black...3. Circus Cart Popcorn Maker. Come on, who doesn't want one of these??
4. A Big Honkin' TV to mount on the wall...from Crutchfield where my friend Brian Yarosh works...when you buy me a tv go there and order from him so he gets the commission. Yes, I just advertised for Crutchfield for FREE...there was a day when I was paid to advertise on my blog, but that's another post...

5. An Outdoor Pizza Oven and Pergola...Pizza for everyone!

6. Work station/Treadmill....duh.

7. I think I'll end this year's list with the Holiday Home on Scrub Island, B.V.I....only $4,200,000!!! Isn't that infinity edge pool the best?!

Have at it, Dad!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008


photo credit: Arjun Kartha

Two finals tomorrow...need to cram just a little. bit. more. into my brain. Will be back Friday night. Until then...rejoice that you are not taking a final...unless, in fact, you actually are taking a final and then...well, then....never mind.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Dr. Enuf, Graduates and LJS

This is what I saw this afternoon....

Have you had a Dr. Enuf???

Pete and Lorraine were excited to see me! Just kidding....it was their last day of school!! Two fine nurses-to-be are what you all are seeing there...well, them and a few recycle bins...

We had to stop by and give even more money to ETSU because even on the last day of school, they still are sucking you dry....that's how they roll! I wanted to get a picture of the clerk, but she was very scary!

I told Pete we were going to eat at Yamoto's to celebrate his last day of school. He informed me that he had already had his celebratory lunch at Ruby Tuesday's....what a dirtbag. I settled for Long John Silvers...what a rip off! Even the building was a let down...two different yellows...seriously, what's the deal with that? I like my LJS's to be all one color of yellow..sheesh!

Belle's Kids meal was pretty nifty though....

There you have it....an afternoon in the life of Jenny. I know....the thrill is overwhelming...you are jealous, right? It's a life of glamour and prestige, folks....glamour and prestige!!

I DO love my life....

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Advent, Snowflakes and a Christmas Accident...

I was over at This Side of Eternity today and saw this post...which completely sent me into advent panic mode inspired me! Every year I have great plans for advent. Every year I blotch those plans...this year is no different. It will all end up ok though, really..it will!

Here's our advent bowl surrounded by two of our wonderful handmade snowmen: Fat Boy and Grinner. Notice that our advent envelopes begin with Day 4. That's because Days 1, 2 and 3 are gone...G.O.N.E. Seriously, why? It's complete bedlam...

In front of the envelopes are our activity boxes....with no activities slips in them. They are little matchboxes that I covered with scrapbooking paper. Inside Boxes 1 and 2 there are slips of paper that say, "Drink hot chocolate" and "Go look at Christmas Lights"....and that's where my creativity ended last year! My goal is to get those boxes filled by tomorrow night...surely, I can do it. Surely. Right?

Inside the envelopes there are snowflakes with scripture references written on them. We read from this neat little book I found in a sale bin a few years ago. You all DO check those bins where the books are just dumped in...those ones where it looks like all the books are...not so good?? Well, dig in friends because you will probably find a gem like I did! And don't forget to check the FREE Books bin at the used bookstores too...tons of goodness there! But I digress....

This is Day 1 Snowflake...

with....what??! Oh dear!! Is that my little Christmas Elf.....WITHOUT ARMS!? Oh sheesh-a-moley, people....my little Christmas Elf has had a Christmas accident!! Apparently Jack Parnell, the dog, helped himself to a pair of elfy arms...sigh.

I decided to make him a "tree chair"...I think he's much happier now! Oh who am I kidding?? He's not happy...he can't hold his legs in that bent position anymore....wahhhhhh!!!! Poor Christmas Elf...


Paper Snowflakes...nice details instructions
Intricate Snowflakes...very detailed and beautiful
Neat Display idea for your snowflakes. We're just hanging ours with thread...
Matchbox instructions....This tutorial is for Valentine boxes...very cute!
Creative Advent Calendars...262 photos of handmade calendars. Grab a cup of tea!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Weep No More...

for I think I may be back!! I know that each of you has been so completely distraught since I stopped blogging way back in August. I'm sure that some have sought therapy and are now on heavy medications all in the hopes of coping while I have been away. Ok, ok...play along here...humor me, ok? lol!! Anyway...seriously, I've missed blogging and I'm really looking forward to getting back into all that bloggity goodness out there....contests, great posts and such.

So, where have I been? I've been in school. Well, actually, I've been taking online classes in preparation for nursing school. I want to be like Sarah when I grow up! I've got two finals this week and then I'm done until the summer. I have thoroughly enjoyed these online classes and am looking forward to nursing school and clinicals. I'm a little nervous too, but I've been nervous before and it's never killed me! lol!!

Oh yeah...I'm trying to eat better....