Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I Heart Birds...Kinda

Belle and I have been learning about birds using this book. I am starting to think that I really like birds...as long as they are not flapping around my head. Ack!! Well...and the fact that they eat worms could cause a change of heart...ack again!

Today we learned specifically about the feather...the shaft, quill, vanes, barbs and barbules. I think it's incredibly neat how God created the barbs to "zip" and "unzip"...it's really mind-boggling how He created all of these things, isn't it?

Here are some neat videos we've come across:

photo credit

Click HERE to see the neatest lyrebird video ever! It's a recording that was captured for the BBC Wildlife documentary "The Life of Birds"...very neat!!

Belle's little cheer to go along with the video: "Dance, dance, dance, dance(say this as long as they are dancing)....check your pit--Whoo!!" I just about spewed Sprite everywhere when she said that!! By the way, these are albatrosses doing their courting dance. Again...quite neat! lol!


Sarah said...

Hey You,

OMG....that is so weird because about 2 weeks ago I watched they whole DVD series on "The Life of Birds" by Attenborough. On the DVD Attenborough said that the reason those birds are doing that is because they are selecting their partners that they will stay with for life and mocking one another is a way that the decide if that partner is good enough (its like a series of tests)...may be humans should take this up since divorce rate is crazy lol. The Lyre Bird is so AWESOME!! I want one! I suggest getting "The Life of Mammals" by Attenborough when you start covering mammals. It is so good! You can get it for free at the JC library. I also think you can get the whole DVD series "The Life of Birds" too!

Sarah :-)

Sonya said...

That sure is a lot of work just to court one of your own kind :-)

Kidding, very interesting. You guys are always doing neat things!

Sarah said...

I LOVE the new layout!! I hope everything is going good with school. I'm freezing and I'm ready for warm weather...aren't you too?! Well I'm off to study...thought I say howdy Miss Jenny!

Sarah :-)

Nessa said...

how did i forget you had this new place over here and where are ya anyway? Are you learning anything good in school? Stop hiding lol