Monday, December 8, 2008

Liver Beans, Anyone?

Thanks to Cris DeRaud for this incredibly cool bean photo!!

Jake: What are we going to eat for a snack, Mom? You said we could have a snack...

Belle slips away to the kitchen and starts looking through the cabinet.

Belle: Uh, who want's Ramen Noodles? Who want's four bean salad...wait, wait!! How about liver beans? Who wants liver beans???

Jake: uh...ewww.

Liver beans = kidney beans!

Belle decided to fix everyone toast with Honey Nut cream cheese...Jake didn't like it...which made Belle mad...bedlam broke forth...and everyone was sent to bed early. Seriously, maybe we should have had those liver beans, sheesh....

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Sonya said...

BAH! Sounds like my house! Logan will be sweet and try to make lunch for Caroline and it always goes like this. Caroline never likes anything that Logan is going to make, they argue, I have to beat them down, and then their lunch time cuts into our evening school time. How does one make that stop? Seriously, I know how to make it stop. I just need to be more consistent! LOL!

Verification word was "croyme." I think that means "Embrace the Grape" in another language. LOL!