Friday, August 29, 2008

Jan Hus is a Chipmunk!

Me: Belle, can you tell me something you remember about Jan Hus?

Belle: Yes!! I know he was a chipmunk!!

This was part of a conversation we had after discussing Jan Hus who was a priest, writer and MONK. Seriously, I need to not assume so much when teaching! lol!!

All this talk reminds me of one of my favorite videos: Dramatic Chipmunk!! I need to video tape Jake reenacting this...he's hilariously perfect! I don't think this is a chipmunk it?? Nope...this is a chipmunk. Regardless, it slays me on many different levels!!


Sarah said...

LOL I love the video...that chipmunk is so darn cute. He sort of looks like a ground hog too but much smaller. The background music is the best.

I found what Palin stands for on embryonic stem cells....she completely opposes it. She is very serious about that and abortion. I think she has one of the strongest oppositions on abortion. You know how most candidates are like "well you can have one if it is incest or rape." She opposes abortion for rape and incest victims, supporting it only in cases where the mother's life is in danger. Did you know that she has a kid with Downs Syndrome too?

I wasn't really in favor of McCain mostly because of his Iraq War ideas but Palin is definitely swinging me towards McCain. Plus it helps she is a woman! I am so excited ;-)

Okay, you got me on the finger printing. You wait until you have to go to the VA for clinicals lol. You will feel like you committed a crime. I did feel like a criminal. Also did I mention I had to get my photo taken too LOL. It really looks like a mug shot but I am smiling.

Glad to hear your week was good too. I was really tired also. I think I came home and took a nap everyday. But we can do it only 12 more weeks! WOO HOO!!

Sarah ;-)

Sonya said...

What kind of teaching are you doing over there anyway? LOL!

Nessa said...

LMFAO.....ok that chipmunk or whatever the heck it is frightens me.......Alot.

Nessa said...

I just showed this to Tyler and he's doing it now too. Good lord when will I learn?

Anyway, left ya a goody over at my place. Enjoy :)

Sarah said...

Thank you for the comment Miss Jenny! Sorry you didn't get to submit everything since it got deleted. I would have loved to read it. Wow I have to say I agree with every thing you said and especially the part about how they can be here one second and gone the next. I can't wait for you to become a nurse because just from what you wrote I can definitely tell what your calling is. Death is very mysterious and it is crazy we all have to do it and experience it. I think that whole situation just really opened my eyes to it and made it real. It was sad to see that he was dying alone. I think what makes me a little happier is that he is in a better place hopefully and that he doesn't have to be lying in that hospital bed anymore.

I figured you would like my random-ness....LOL wasn't that a freaky worm though! I hope you have great week! Can't wait til Christmas break..counting the hours & seconds!

Sarah ;-)

Pepper Basham said...

Hi Jenny,
Quick question. How do you get all of those items to review...and then write reviews about. You know, the 'trial' things that you and I had talked about before... free stuff - does that make any sense? I'm trying to get more traffic

Kristie said...

Hey, I saw that you were visiting at my site. And I wanted to stop by and say hello. Hope school is going alright for you this year. I hope you are well too :-)