Monday, December 30, 2013

Lucky No. 14 Reading Challenge

more info here

And yet another challenge!  I'm still picking out my books....

The Categories:
  1. Visit the Country:  Under the Tuscan Sun
  2. Cover Lust:
  3. Blame it on Bloggers:  The Happy Ending Book Club (hat tip to Shelleyrae from Book'd Out)
  4. Bargain All the Way:
  5. (Not so) Fresh From the Oven (2013):  Allegiant
  6. First Letters Rule (Letter J):  The Joy Luck Club
  7. Once Upon a Time (pre-me):  
  8. Chunky Brick (500+ pages):  Winds of War
  9. Favorite Author:
  10. It's Been There Forever:
  11. Movies vs Books: The Help
  12.  Last Freebie:
  13. Not My Cup of Tea:
  14. Walking Down Memory Lane:

1 comment:

astrid said...

Thanks for choosing Lucky No 14 :) Hope you're having a great time doing it...