Friday, January 6, 2017

Blocks Catch Up Day

I'm loving these challenges!  My goal this year is to play with color and practice my machine piecing skills.  Both of these challenges will end in a quilt...maybe.  I seem to be really drawn to little quilts right now and I can see these blocks, especially these 365 blocks, being the beginnings of little quilts.  I'm going to commit to waiting until all the blocks are done before I decide though.  I'm also thinking about joining a photography club in hopes of learning how to take better photos.  Because, really....I stink at it!! 

Block 3 (lower right):  Red Cross 
Block 4 (upper right):  Four Patch
Block 5 (upper left):  Nine Patch
Block 6 (lower left):  Four Strips

Block 3:  Tide Pools

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